Bahar Espiritu - MSIS
Creative Director
Seattle, WA
"User-Centered Design is both a philosophy of design and a process in its own right. The idea is to pay detailed attention to the wants, needs, and limitations of your end-users at each and every stage of the design process. It's a multi-step problem solving approach. Designers should be looking to analyze and thus predict the way users will interact with their products and services. They should then be looking to test their ideas with real tests, with real users to see if their assumptions and predictions are valid." -Interaction Design Foundation

Hello, my name is Bahar Espiritu and I am from Seattle, Washington.
I research and study behavioral science in design environments to transform data into user-focused and intuitive dashboards, interfaces and platforms for mobile and web that communicate visually.

Creative Director at Bespiritu LLC- 1 Year
I have been working with Adobe products for over 10 years, exploring the world, taking job opportunities in areas I love the most. In 2017 I settled down in Seattle where I was offered a UX position with Amazon Web Services.
After the birth of my son in 2018, I decided to go back to my creative design work while balancing out time raising my son at home. I couldn't be happier. I work part-time on creative design projects such as designing logos, brands, dynamic websites, and reliable database solutions. 
I design creative prints for t-shirts in my spare time. It is fairly a new business venture, but activity is great. Prospering well enough to the extent that I decided to establish my own LLC. 

User Experience Designer at Amazon Web Services - 8 Months
I consulted my clients to understand the best usage of the Amazon Web Services Cloud by conducting usability testing, and developing personas and usage scenarios. 
I created wireframes, story boards and sitemaps and developed screen flows. I used different software to create prototypes for a tangible experience. I analyzed user feedback and activities to create high-availability production websites, apps and production-ready data solutions.

Interaction Designer at Hyland Software - 1 Year
With this role, I focused on the target audience and created engaging web interfaces for Hyland Software's Community website with logical and thought out behaviors and actions. I researched the technologies used to develop the website and used my academic knowledge of HCI psychology, as a science of design, in order to organize information and develop design strategies. I used data from usability testing on how users interact with this website, translated user behavior into media structure, crafted interactive experiences, produced workflow diagrams and other production materials, and organized information into site maps. 
I also coordinated with web producers, creative and production departments to implement their strategies.

Publications - Hyland Blog

Sarah Frimel - Manager, Strategic Online Communities at Hyland Software
"Bahar is a true creative professional and idea person. Her collaborative approach helped her blend instantly with the existing team, sharing her design and UX expertise at every opportunity. Her knowledge and experience based input and recommendations lead to site changes that created stronger self-help and support tools, and her research and recommendations continue to impact the development of a new forum strategy. 
Bahar hit the ground running, and during her time at Hyland she made a positive impact on both the work team and the product."

Creative Designer at Mudd Nick Foundation - 4 Years
Using Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress Content Management System, and Wrike Project Management Software, I completely redesigned the website of the Mudd Nick Foundation, an Oregon non-profit organization that provides life enriching opportunities to children in North Tillamook County. 
I worked to display the content in a more user-friendly manner to enhance the visitor experience, enabling them to find the exact information they need in 60 seconds or less. I planned, scheduled and executed all stages of system design and development, which drove impressive improvements across the organization as a result of API implementations. I excelled in training and guiding the work of technical team at the organization.
Jim Mudd - Founder and Board Member
"Bahar did a tremendous job designing and developing the website. From the first meeting we were confident and comfortable that she understood and could produce what we envisioned. 
The final design is far superior than what we imagined."

Creative Designer at Mode Media - 2.5 Years 
Mode Media was formerly Glam Media where I worked as a creative designer to edit, refresh, change and dynamically create the most efficient content and relevant promotional materials on daily basis. I implemented visual elements that users see and interact with in the web application, and created wireframes and mockups.

Digital Media Editor at Virgin - 3 Years
Responsible for web and radio advertisement strategy placement and coordination across radio's advertising agencies as well as giving notes to the production team to make the necessary cuts to ensure that all published content meets a certain standard of quality, is relevant, and deemed useful for the audience. 
Other duties include: publishing content through our Content Management Software, using comprehensive knowledge of the website’s organization to categorize and interlink content appropriately, Identifying areas for improving web content styling and presentation, and working with members of the Development, Sales, Marketing, Promotion and Production Team to improve content presentation and user experience.

Master of Computer and Information Science
Cleveland State University
Class of 2017
With focus on Human Factors Psychology, an interdisciplinary field which discovers and applies information about human behavior, abilities, limitations, and other characteristics to the design and evaluation of information systems, tools and products for enhancing productive, safe, and comfortable human use.

Dr. Raymond Henry - Professor and Department Chair at Cleveland State University
"Bahar is conscientious, hard working, and understands both the technical and social aspects of information technology."

Dr. Radha Appan - Associate Professor at Cleveland State University
"I have taught Bahar for two semesters and have had a chance to understand her abilities very well. She is highly motivated, diligent and very intelligent. 
Her scores consistently placed her among the top 10% of her peers in her class. She showed outstanding leadership skills and organizing skills while completing class projects. Her technical skills (especially with regards to designing user interfaces) was far superior than all her peers. She also took the initiative to teach and help her peers in learning some skills required for class projects. She has a friendly demeanor and has always demonstrated high degree of integrity. Overall, its my pleasure to recommend her to your organization."

Certified User Experience Designer
Interaction Design Foundation 
Courses such as User Experience Design, Information Visualization, Gamification, Gestalt Psychology and Web Design, User Research, Emotional Design, Adoption and Appropriation, The Brain and Technology, and Mobile Dynamic User Experience Design.

Advanced Diploma in Marketing 
Cambridge College International 
Class of 2010

Certified Audio Designer 
SAE Institute

I am the active member of The Information Architecture Institute, User Experience Professionals Association of Seattle, and The Interaction Design Association.

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