I used four UX methods for Mudd Nick Foundation that enhanced content findability by 97% in 3 months.
1 . Tree Testing: Created an IA tree which delineates the groupings and hierarchy of pages. They were specific tasks that involved finding specific destinations called End Notes. Example: Find the donation page and donate an Item to the charity. 
2. Card Sorting: Provided participants with Name Cards including descriptions of content or functionality. They assigned these cards to our defined categories. Example: Card names: Events, Donate Here, Newsletter Archives. Categories: Main Navigation, Side Navigation, Top Bar Navigation.
3. Click Testing: Created a prototype of the home page using Sketch tool. Then created tasks. Participants clicked on the content to indicate where they would go to conduct the task. We monitored the users with Morae Software.
4. Usability Testing: Created a prototype of the main pages. Then created a few easy tasks and incrementally hard ones. Then observed users conducting the tasks and noted when they had interaction with navigation components, how they interacted and if they avoided or overlooked the navigation.

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