Stories make us human. 
I'm driven by the power of storytelling. I've been designing and developing systems and experiences for over 14 years. 
I am an electronic engineer who appreciates functionality, performance, beauty and ease of use in information systems. 
So why UX design? You may ask... 
Back in 2006, when I was about to graduate college, I landed an internship program where I worked on improving the performance of microwave sensors in rover navigation systems. 
My research required gathering data to design and build the best possible model, and therefore I worked with simulator tools most days. 
Well it didn't go well! 
Some tools made me feel absolutely hopeless. They lacked the features that I needed, or were hard to use. Imagine working all day on a model, and then had to restart the software because everything froze...
I asked a lot of questions. As a builder, I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. Questions such as "What's the best way to onboard any other engineers on this tool?", "How can the latency be fixed?", "Is there a problem with the infrastructure or is it my operating system?"
Sometimes I didn't have the answers, so I would reach out to experts, or look up resources. One particular software was the HFSS V10, a 3D electromagnetic simulation software. Onboarding to this tool could take days for engineers, so my first attempt, as a UX designer, was to create a manual that was 10 times faster to learn, and personalized to what all the researchers on the floor needed to do. I decided to publish it, and just like that, it replaced the main system's manual in our library.
It became quite popular. What a joy! 
That was a turning point for me. I enjoyed building, but more than that, it was grand to see how my team improved in performance, and quality of their work. I never looked back since! 
The best part of being a UX designer is to be curious and observe the world around me. 
I find inspiration in nature, by capturing a creative piece of art, through people, where I reconnect with the real world. I tune out the distractions and view things from different angles to spark new ideas and possibilities, to evolve. 
I enjoy telling stories. 
Stories are remembered, but facts can be forgotten. Facts almost never get in the way of a good story! 
If you have a story to tell, get in touch.
I love to listen.