Empathy and creativity are my top priorities when I design for clients and nature inspires me.

I’ve been designing digital experiences for 5+ years across a variety of industries. I believe great product design comes from focusing on the right questions, at the right moment and context. 

Throughout my experience as a designer, I've had the pleasure of working with some talented and passionate people, striving for a shared goal in creating the best experience for the end user.

Some of the brands I've worked with include: Disney, Hyland, Sherwin-Williams, Mudd Nick Foundation, Peanut App and Zen Sport. 
Founder - Lead Product Designer - Bespiritu LLC 
Dec 2014 to Present

UI UX Designer - Hyland Software
Jun 2016 to May 2017

Creative Designer - Sherwin-Williams
Jan 2016 to Jun 2016

UX Researcher - Radio Disney
Mar 2013 to Aug 2014
Created a new website for ​Mudd Nick Foundation​ that enhanced content findability by 97%.

Spearheaded a 20% increase in user engagement on P​eanut App ​​for the North American market.

Fulfilled all aspects of complex migration for Z​en Sport​ including planning and operations to A​mazon Web Services​ Cloud successfully.

Developed ​Machine Learning model​ using historical data to predict future outcomes on AWS for Zen Sport which increased membership conversion.

Increased user engagement dramatically for Hyland Community website through superior web artifacts and gamification methods. 

Performed research for a scholarly paper on Human-Computer Interaction that was published in Association for Information Systems Journal.
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