AWS Account Customization
Cloud Architects often spend months to provision a multi-account environment for their AWS organization. I designed a new account provisioning experience that allows them to programmatically provision new AWS accounts configured to meet their unique business needs in minutes, and control their environment for security and compliance.
Sr. Experience Designer
2022 – Present
Amazon Kendra Search Experience
Data Scientists use complex algorithms and spend months to strategize their databases to design a search experience for their audience. I designed a new experience for them to create a search mechanism using their own data sources with a search interface that can be customized in minutes, and managed.
Sr. Experience Designer
2021 – 2022
AWS re:Post Dashboard
AWS Cloud Community needed a single pane of glass for all their questions, answers, skills, certifications, and contributions. I designed a dashboard experience for them to track their learning experiences, and badges, as well as following other experts and peers, using gamification, and awarding techniques.
Sr. Experience Designer
2020 – 2021
AWS Technical Field Community Hub
Technical Field Community (TFC) known for their subject matter expertise in AWS often collaborate, and communicate with their peers to solve customer problems based on best practices. I designed a platform for them to foster their collaboration by centralizing communications, learning paths, activities and core skills.
Sr. Experience Designer
2020 – 2021
AWS Pricing Calculator
AWS customers and prospects need to recognize or expand their AWS usage based on their business needs and workload costs. I designed a calculator for them that’s accessible outside of AWS console. They can browse the list of AWS services or search services by keyword and add them to their estimate or group to save or share.
Sr. Experience Designer
2019 – 2020
Hyland Software Community
Employees, customers and partners of Hyland Software known as OnBase, use a community platform to communicate, collaborate and grow. I designed a browser based community platform for them to make the collaborations and communications more robust and effective with live chats, forums, wikis, galleries and calendars.
Sr. Interaction Designer
2016 - 2017
Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap
Sherwin-Williams created an augmented reality app in 2016. The instant paint feature lets smartphone cameras recognize walls in a three-dimensional space, so customers can tap on any wall in the camera view to test any of the Sherwin-Williams 1,500 colors on walls in real time.
Sr. Visual Designer
2015 - 2016
Radio Disney Family Hour
Radio Disney has a long list of entertainment programs that bring families together along with popular songs from mainstream pop and R&B artists. I created content for listeners during family hour, so that everyone could enjoy participating in a number of interactive contests through creative storytelling that spans all moods and emotions.
Content Manager and Strategist
2013 - 2014
High Frequency Structure Simulator
Engineers use High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software to design systems, satellites, and internet-of-things (IoT) products. Onboarding to this software could take days for engineers. I created a manual that was 10 times faster to learn, and personalized to robotics society, telecommunications and electronics engineers.
Experience and Visual Designer
2006 – 2007
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