OnBase is an enterprise content management and process management software suite developed by Hyland. 
Hyland Software has a community website dedicated to customers and employees. This community website had grown organically. They were a lot of valuable information on this website which required extra time to look for a specific piece of content. When I joined the team, our focus was to redesign the website and grow it strategically. 
To redesign a website like the OnBase Community website, we are turning the user's complex mental model into an interactive information system. Information Architecture plays a huge role. It defines the placement of the information both in the navigation and on the pages. 
We used 5 Information Architecture methods to redesign the community website: 
1. Usability Testing: Uncovered the problems and needs by interviewing our top users. Used Morae Software to perform usability testing. We prepared 5 tasks for 7 users at a time and observed the progress for each user.
2. Card Sorting: Prepared cards to redesign the navigation system. We gathered our top users who were our employees and asked the to sort the cards into groups that made sense to them. They were allowed to change the names on the cards if they wanted to.
3. Affinity Diagramming: Gathered data through interviews, committed all the data to sticky notes, posted them on to a whiteboard and finally organized and reorganized the notes to have a final category model of our community forum page.
4. Object-Oriented User Experience: Defined objects by determining what elements make up an object. Defined relationships between the objects which created our potential navigation system. Reordered elements by deciding which will be most important to our users. 
5. User Stories: We met with our developers and asked about their goals and objectives. They helped us write a few user stories. We reviewed the stories and prioritized user flows that allowed the protagonists of the user stories to achieve their goals.
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