I'm Bahar Espiritu, a passionate interface and experience designer from Seattle, WA

I’ve been designing digital experiences for about ten years across a  variety of industries.  Brands I've worked with include: Amazon Web Services, Radio Disney,  Hyland Software, Virgin Media, Sherwin-Williams and Glam Worldwide.


My Focus

I  have a Master's degree in Information Systems  with a focus on Human Factors Psychology. I believe that usability, accessibility and  inclusion are closely related aspects, and therefore most effective to  address them together when designing and developing websites and  applications.

My Goals

To  stay motivated, I set a big goal and create a plan to reach it.  I find  a product with potentials and plan to improve its overall experience by creating a meaningful flow and content. I believe  great product design comes from focusing on the right questions, at the  right moment and context. 


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Hyland Software Community


Created a new community website for clients and employees and improved user engagement by 72% in one year. Read more

Mudd Nick Foundation


Created a new website for​ this Oregon based non-profit organization that enhanced content findability by 97% in 6 months. Read more