This is how I boosted sales by 30% for Zen Martial Arts using AWS Machine Learning Model in one month.
We created a training datasource through the open house event. Guests had to fill out a form indicating if they were interested in joining the program. On the spreadsheet the indication is marked 1 or 0. This is why we call it the binary model. 
We used the datasource to create a Machine Learning Model. Guests who were interested to join received a follow up email to join the program and get 20% discount. Guests who indicated not interested received a follow up email including a thank you note. 
Amazon ML splits the the training datasource into two sections. One containing 70% of the data and one containing the remaining 30%. Then it trains the ML model on the section that contains 70% of the input data and evaluates the model using the remaining 30% of the input data. 
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